Other Interests


I enjoy coding challenges. Algorithms provide a reliable and predictable way to solve problems. My favourite platform to code on is python but also enjoy coding in Fortran, C++ and java. This is the code for a tree-based algorithm I created to solve Sudoku puzzles using a tree-based algorithm. It also tries to minimize the number of branches by bifurcating from the cell with the minimum number of possible digits. I was also Hostel 7 system administrator which helped me understand the basics of networking structures. I also developed some of the algorithms for numerical bifurcations for my thesis project. I also participate in code jams and enjoy making small single-player games in unity in my free time.


Cooking started out as a necessity but has now become a hobby. I like to make dishes at home which I have tried someplace and try to add my own unique twists to it. These are some of the successful attempts.


I enjoy nature photography and sometimes dabble in portrait and pattern photography. I was the Institute photography club convener at IIT Bombay. The photo on the main page was taken at Bandipur National Park, India. Below are some of the photos.